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Let’s say, 62-75, and you are already retired but slightly anxious about your investments holding on as long as you (and your spouse) do.


Cash flow was set, but at various times you are nervous about extreme market volatility and its impact on your ability to draw from your investments. Expenses were manageable at the on-start of retirement, but there were a few surprises along the way. How do you adjust your cash flow accordingly?

Ultimately, you want to leave your remaining assets to your children or heirs in the most tax efficient way, but you definitely don’t want to give up assets or control yet because you have a lot of living to do.


You want validation or confirmation that the portfolio is well-positioned. Did you make the appropriate choices at the beginning of retirement? Can you make changes without a major costly overhaul? You need a financial advisor who will coordinate other professionals to prepare a tax-efficient and effective estate plan suitable for the size of your estate.

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