You are:

Let’s say, under 55, a successful young professional, perhaps married, even with a child or two.


This is the building stage: the salary is good, you’re perhaps a little over your heads in debt from buying your house, and the kids are increasingly keeping you hopping. The best you’ve been able to do financially is put a portion of your income in the company’s 401k plan and possibly set aside more than that in the way of savings or emergency funds.


Your spending habits may be good, but as the salary increased, the spending did, too; so now you think you need the discipline of a managed and monitored plan to get the retirement you want, rather than a future that just happens. A long-term plan will also avoid the coming collision between paying for the children’s education and securing your own retirement. And you need professional analysis and guidance for an investment portfolio, putting it on a path to long-term growth.

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