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Let’s say, 55 - 62, a successful professional in your chosen field. Whether you are married or single, you are responsible for your family financially. Maybe you love to travel, golf, or play tennis, but more and more like having that extra time with family and friends, and for yourself!


You’re close and you can taste the sweet smell of retirement, and the future looks bright – if you can hang in there another 5-7 years, not find yourself out of work, and manage to invest properly until then.


You have a 401k you have been funding foryears, and you may or may not have a company pension. Have you invested it wisely? What changes can you make now for the upcoming years to prepare a little better for retirement? You are not sure about Social Security benefits and when to tap them. Will they even be there? The house is pretty much paid off, but with this economy – how do you connect the dots and come in for a soft landing? Not to mention, there is an increasing role in caring for elderly parents.

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