Two key areas of comprehensive planning are risk management and estate planning. Often times overlooked, these two areas protect your assets and reduce unneccessary taxation when passing assets to heirs. Patricia will assist in the collaboration of professionals such as  attorneys, CPA's, trustees, and other fiduciaries to create the appropriate Estate Plan for you and your heirs. Patricia becomes the valuable resource to whom you can rely on through the generations.

Risk management

Understanding the concept of financial protection is a valuable tool in setting up a complete Estate Plan. Patricia and her team at Allegheny Investments will evaluate the current policies, and offer feedback,as to whether or not you are under-insured or over-insured.  The client will receive an objective complimentary review of their policy(ies), which provide important insight and get the answers needed to make the right decisions.

Estate planning & Trusts

The benefits of trusts are plenifold and include 1)control over asset distribution, 2) privacy of details of the assets, 3) tax planning, 4) creditor protection. Patricia and her team of advisors can offer the right advice for constructing trust plans and to oversee trust assets.

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