Retirement, financially secure retirement, doesn’t just happen, nor does it automatically sustain itself. With traditional company pensions gone, the ability to retire and to manage that retirement is increasingly up to individuals and families. But success requires careful and comprehensive financial planning, including investment management. The benefit of expert help in these complex matters is immense.

Patricia Lampert, a Certified Financial PlannerTM, and her team bring working couples, empty-nesters, business owners, young professionals and others:

  • a disciplined planning process;
  • knowledge of all the tools, rules, instruments and options;
  • long experience and a keen awareness of risks and opportunities;
  • independence from particular products, services and investments;
  • a focus on achieving each client’s own goals;
  • and frequent, clear, warm, personal communication.

At the same time, Lampert can draw on all the professional resources of one of the region’s largest and most experienced financial planning and investment management firms, Allegheny Investments.

There is no charge for an initial consultation to explore your situation and needs. Contact us »

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